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Use an Insured and Bonded Texas Remodeling Contractor

Many Texas homeowners and companies may be uninformed of the possible consequences of hiring an unlicensed contractor to perform work on their home or place of business. A potential remodeling contractor’s insurance coverage should be considered as one of the most important factors. Furthermore, product warranty and sub-contractor warranties can be voided when an unlicensed remodeling contractor performs work on your home or commercial property. Making the mistake of picking an out-of-state remodeling contractor with improper insurance coverage can also be quite heavy on your pocketbook, if it comes down to a problematic situation. You may end up paying for someone else’s mistakes. It can affect your family, employees and your financial well-being; we’ve seen it happen numerous times. There are a number of unethical remodeling contractors who disregard the significance of being licensed, insured and bonded and manage to offer their services at lower costs. Please make sure that the economically enticing deals of such contractors do not trap you, as they ultimately will become painful for not only you, but also your wallet.

Let us now discuss in detail what exactly it is to be a licensed, bonded, and insured professional roofing contractor. A Texas contracting company acquires the status of being licensed when it gets registered to execute certain types of work with the state or a prominent board. The license also provides the company with a specific reference number that must be included on all advertising so that the consumer can check if they are presently servicing, legal, or have complaints against them and all types of other required and valuable information. Secondly, bonded companies have secured funds that are controlled by the state or state contracted agencies. These funds are offered in case of consumer’s claims against the company. The third important factor that your preferred contractor’s companies must have is proper insurance. If a sub-contractor or employee of the roofing contractor gets injured, you want to make sure the claim isn’t coming to you and your insurance company; it needs to go to theirs.

It is believed that residential construction, particularly roofing, is a risky task to a certain extent, perhaps even one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Many cases have been recorded, where workers got hurt or badly injured during the process of constructing roofs. Hence, in such situations, if your roofing contractor is not insured then you become liable for bearing all of the medical and rehabilitation expenses. Once you get confirmation about the liability and workers’ compensation insurance of your roofing contractor, do not forget to inquire about the insured value and policy amounts. Any home contractor can easily provide you with this information through a Certificate of Insurance from his insurance company. So, if you overlook the importance of checking your roofing contractor’s insurance certificate, be ready to bear the burden of his expenses, in case a worker gets hurt on your property in Texas.

We all accept the fact that the daunting task of home or commercial property improvements or repairs often turn into a frustrating ordeal, or even at times a disastrous let-down marked with confusion. Often, the total expense and duration turns out to be a heavy toll on Texas home and business owners. The most disturbing aspect of an unsatisfactory job is the final appearance and lack of function. Because of all such reasons, it is strongly recommended to conduct strict, well-planned market research before investing in any Texas-based remodeling company. Be sure to research the companies in your area well, so that you can find a Texas-based remodeling contractor who values quality, knowledge and careful project management.

It is worth mentioning that these days, the growing awareness and knowledge about registered Texas remodeling contractors have triggered the assembly of numerous licensed and insured remodeling contractors. Hence, in order to pick the best, you must also investigate certain things such as their experience in the business, the kind of remodeling services they specialize in, the products they would use for constructing your roof, expected duration of the task, and the total estimate for your remodeling project. Proper research on these aspects will help you in choosing the most reliable and experienced Texas remodeling contractor.







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